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Van Rockman make good old fashioned rock ’n’ roll and anyone can hear just how well glued together this band is.

The band has joined BMU (Band Management Universal) to finally recreate an album written and recorded to a single demo tape decades ago. Tim Fisher sent the tape to a major label which was keen to sign Van Rockman but when the band arrived to sign, the label had lost the tape. These were the days when time, effort and expense meant re-recording the demo was too daunting a task for a fledgling rock band and Van Rockman’s chance was gone.

But… over three decades later he was helping his mum move house and discovered a studio backup copy of the demo tape in her attic! With the discovery of this tape, Tim pulled the original members back together so they can finally record the album – mostly because his mum wants it on CD! The album is Van Rockman – The Lost Tapes.

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