On The Road Again

Van Rockman are gearing up for an end of year tour! If that doesn’t get you excited it should! The boys will be touring around the Midlands and up north. Make sure you get to these shows.

Every Van Rockman gig is a unique experience for everyone. There’s everything for the young and the young at heart. As far as live bands go very few can match Van Rockman’s tight yet ferocious stage presence. This is not only a sign of how far they’ve come as band but as individual musicians as well.

There are decades and decades of experience between them. Each of the lads brings their own style to the table. The amalgamation of all of this being exceptional songs and an entertaining live show that the world deserves to see.

Speaking from experience, life on tour can be a great adventure. The thrill of playing a show then breaking everything down and heading to the next one is something very few of us get to live. Instead of getting tired of being on the road for weeks or even months, there is a restless energy that takes over. Focus like never before hits you and this is the most alive you will ever feel. Nothing will ever beat the feeling of moving to the next town knowing that you have gained new fans and friends along the way.

It will be no different for the Van Rockman boys. Individually they’ve had their own tour experiences but this will be the first time Van Rockman have hit the road in their current line up. Nothing brings new line ups together like the open road. It will be a feeding frenzy of adrenaline as everyone can’t help but soak up the awe of it all. They may start off with simple camaraderie but by the end it will be true brotherhood.

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