Boxing Day Blogging

Christmas Day has come and gone. Leftover turkey fills fridges nationwide, neglected brussel sprouts top the bins of fussy eaters, and people are counting empty bottles whilst nursing a hangover the size of France. Yes indeed, Boxing Day is a time for taking things slow and steady. Short of pushing buttons on that TV remote and attempting to get that Frenchman to move out of your head, absolutely nothing is the order of the day. So what about tomorrow? Tomorrow is the start of that strange time known as the road to New Year's. Do you drink more or save it till New Year's Eve? Do you make plans for the future or just let the last few days of this year fall off the calender? If you're in a band chances are the answer is yes to all. Van Rockman are no exception. Plans are often thought out years in advance. This is not down to a matter of efficiency but necessity. The world of entertainment is a fast moving one and to become more successful you must 'stay ahead of the curve'. So what are we to expect from Van Rockman in 2018? It will be more of what's been happening. New songs, constant radio play and touring. All of this will be pushed further than ever before. The songs will be expertly produced, the radio stations nationwide shall be buzzing with the latest, greatest rock n roll you'll have ever heard and tours will happen. Not just with the band at small venues, but with some the best up and comers and established acts of the day. Van Rockman's fan base shall expand faster than it has ever done before. There's a lot of this new year, new me crap floating around. It's a flawed philosophy for the majority. You'll never be able to change yourself but you can change the world around you. Turn every setback into a Dunkirk moment and take every advantage that comes your way. Victory is inevitable and you stop when you die. When that clock strikes midnight, hit the ground running. That's exactly what Van Rockman are doing. All of us here hope you've had the greatest Christmas and have a Happy New Year! Let's make 2018 a year to remember!

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