Songwriting Cornerstones

Sixteen hour days are commonplace when it comes to songwriting and studio days. Like the flash of a starting pistol, sunrise will be the signal for constant creative thinking, discussion, arguments, compromise, celebration, and hopefully--- a song. The only things that would interrupt this symphony are the endless cups of tea, bottles of water, cold takeaway from the week before, and occasional teeth brushing. The only reason to end is sheer exhaustion or, most likely, success. For most of us the prospect of such a grinding daily routine is horrifying. For others, it's the very reason to get out of bed in the morning. Van Rockman's studio time is as intensive as it is productive. It takes years to get a rhythm that suits everyone and the Van Rockman lads are there. These boys are flawless when it comes to bouncing ideas off each other with ease. The results, which are evident to hear, are phenomenal. Multiple instruments, and sometimes multiple studios, are used to create nothing short of awe inspiring.

The latest song they are working on will truly show the sheer range they have when it comes to songwriting. Whilst any band can throw out a three minute belter, not all can make something as poignant as this band. I can't say much else as the song is still in the production stage, but I can say if you liked the outstanding 'Autumn Fields', then this is the song for you. Things are going to a bit quiet for the next few weeks as Van Rockman continue their epic songwriting sessions. Rest assured that your favourite Birmingham based rock band will not be slacking. Very much the opposite. From crafting to polishing, to recording to radioplay, the coming months are going to be filled with nothing but the best from Van Rockman. Stay tuned!

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