Winter Wonderland

The recent snowfall has given everyone a boost of seasonal feeling. Christmas is well and truly on it's way. With the snow often comes the flood of Christmas songs. All the classics from the 70's are thrown around the airwaves with wild abandon. Whether we're in the car, the office or home, we can't help but dance to them. Enter Van Rockman with their own festive offering. Various radio stations have already been adding 'Happy Holidays, It's Christmas!' to their festive playlists. This is a wise decision. For the past few weeks the entire country has been filling their ears with one of the catchiest Christmas jingles I have ever heard. What really compliments this song is the video that comes with it. The images of everyone coming together to celebrate is one that will put a smile on anyone's face. Yes I know I stated that radio is the future and I stand by that statement. Music videos do have their place though. This is especially true with Christmas singles. If you release a song and it catches on then you'll get some air time and your music video for that song may be played for a few weeks. If your Christmas single catches on then you've got something that will be enjoyed by generations to come. Don't believe me? Then just look at what's out there now. 'Happy Holidays, It's Christmas!' deserves to be one of those songs. It's simple,catchy, sing-along fun for all. Whilst it is a break from the normal rock n roll genius that comes from the Van Rockman boys, it's no less a song in any way. The Christmas spirit is truly strong with this one.

Fill your home, car and workplace with festive cheer. Buy the single from the link below.

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