Social Media Savvy

I created a LinkedIn profile the other day. The benefits are already coming to light as I connect with people I normally wouldn't be able to find. It's a veritable smorgasbord of professionals from every sector, including musical entertainment. There's no doubt it's the age of digital. An endless age of information, culminating in the rise of social media. You'd be a fool to think that the band doesn't live and die on it's value. Those that have no idea how to utilise it to promote themselves, will fade to nothing. Van Rockman are not one of those bands. It's not lost on many that to succeed is to promote. You have to promote everything about yourself in order for anyone to take notice. You have to learn every trick in the book to get ahead. If ever there was a time to not be boring, it's now. The band have been hard at work molding and shaping random notes and thoughts into gold. Once everything is in place and said gold has been recorded, it'll be time to get it out there. This is something they will do better than anyone else. How do I know this? You only have to look at the previous promotional campaign of their outstanding Christmas single. "Happy Holidays, It's Christmas!"

The massive promotional campaign behind that one single, managed to get Van Rockman in the ears of those that wouldn't have heard of them through normal means. Radioplay mixed with an intensive social media presence, catapulted them above every other player in the game. From what I'm hearing, the promotion of their next single, whatever that may be, will be ten times that of the previous one. Social media savvy indeed. God help anyone that makes the foolish mistake of not playing Van Rockman every chance they get. Now is not the time to get left behind.

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