Radio Killed The Videostar

Many believed when MTV and other music video channels went live, it would leave the relevance of radio in the dust. This never really happened. Whilst music videos had their place in spreading a bands name far and wide, radio is still as necessary today if not more than it's ever been. So why the transition? In the beginning it was a costly luxury to get a music video made. It cost even more to get it airplay on TV. In the mid 80's if your band was on TV, you were a big deal. Today anyone can make an industry standard video anywhere they want for the fraction of the regular production costs. It then costs nothing to upload it to the internet. With the increase in internet speeds and strength along with improved streaming services, the world wide web has become saturated with everything from gold standard production to camera phone crap. All with the express reason to find fifteen minutes of fame for the 'stars' of them. 'All the world's a stage' takes a very literal meaning when applying it to the artist wanting to break through. There are ways to distinguish yourself. This is where radio comes in.

Ever since it's invention, radio has been the cornerstone of band promotion. Local and national radio stations will often have their own shows that champion the unsigned, the up and comers and the recently established. Van Rockman are aware of this and this is the road they are now taking. Since Van Rockman have received radio play nationwide they've seen an increase in traffic to their various social media accounts and website. Where their music was only really known in the Midlands it is now being heard from John O'Groats to Land's End. On the back of a recent tour, it is a huge boost to the band's name, brand and musical product. It's not as simple as upload the first thing you record. You need to have talent and quality in your recordings. If you want to hear a little bit of that magic then click on the link below. You might get lucky enough to be on the radio yourself one day.

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