A Single That's Ready To Mingle

In the wake of New Year's Eve, households across the nation arose with a hangover that could slay a walrus. God help you if you have kids. After what I'm sure was a lengthy recovery for some, people are back in the swing of things. New Year's resolutions are conveniently forgotten or amended or taken seriously. With Van Rockman there is only one resolution, plan, goal. Succeed. Succeed on the highest levels. Anything else is just wasteful procrastination. So what's the first step? A killer single obviously! Van Rockman's Christmas single was a huge success. The festive melody reached homes all over the UK with radio stations, including the BBC, playing it all day, everyday. But Christmas is over and the airwaves pine for more of Van Rockman's outstanding sound.

Hitting the ground running is an understatement with this band. The music is already coming together. Studio time is going to be booked. A new sound shall emerge and conquer the airwaves as everything before it. Where some will only dedicate a couple of hours a week, Van Rockman will spend up to four hours every couple of days getting that perfect sound. I've not heard much of their new material. Just some jamming on an acoustic guitar. What I have heard though is phenomenal. The band are moving from heavy rock 'n' roll and heading into a more Led Zeppelin like territory. Combine it with the full force of the band and we could be looking at something really special. Frankly, I can't wait!

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