You Can't Work When You Sleep

It’s time for some new music. Van Rockman intend to deliver!

In preparation for their upcoming tour Van Rockman are hitting the studio hard. Current songs are being perfected for the live performance. New tracks are in the works. The gods of creativity are working overtime to ensure nothing but the best.

A lot of people believe that great songs appear out of nowhere. This is wrong. Songwriting and other creative jobs are a lot harder than others. It’s not like typing that really important email or inputting those numbers. It goes beyond that. If a band were a business then the song is their product. Just imagine a company having to come up with several new products every few months to a year. They have to be totally different from the previous products sold but not so different that you don’t recognise the b(r)and. Oh and for the company to survive they have to sell immediately. Think you could do it?

The Van Rockman boys know this, hell they live it. It’s the reason they get up out of bed in the morning. To be any other way simply wouldn’t do in this line of work. It is because of this that whatever they produce will be astounding. There will be no sense of fake corporate stench anywhere near it. It will be original, thought provoking, uncompromising, sensational songwriting. When it’s in your blood it’s impossible to be anything else.

The road to great creative work is just that. Work. It’s not 9-5. It’s sixteen hour days. It’s not being able to switch your mind off, especially when you want to sleep. It’s playing your instrument whether you’re at the dinner table, watching the TV or having a bath. It’s bugging the crap out of your friends and family. It’s the best feeling of hell in the world. It never ends and no one would want it to.

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