A Great Cause

All the tracks Van Rockman have produced are outstanding. One song in particular stands out from the rest. It’s not as heavy as the rest. It doesn’t need to be. With this one song they show how diverse as a band they can be. It’s a true testament to the talent that make up this group. That song is called ‘Autumn Fields’.

‘Autumn Fields’ was written to commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of the Battle of Passchendaele. It was a truly horrific time in British military history. Though the battle was eventually won it came at a price. After three months, one week and three days of bloody slaughter, the allies had advanced only five miles. Over two hundred thousand allied servicemen lost their lives.

The music video to ‘Autumn Fields’ serves as a poignant reminder of the sacrifice of those willing to fight for their country. The subtle melody works perfectly with the story of a soldier called to war, leaving his wife and unborn child behind. Interspersed with studio footage of the band and archive footage of real events makes it an incredible watch.

The song itself is a departure from the normally heavy rock of Van Rockman. The fact is it doesn’t need to be. Anything other than a carefully crafted ballard simply wouldn’t work. They’ve managed to do something that not many can do. They’ve managed to be respectful in telling a thought provoking story, in a beautiful song, in a perfect music video to commemorate one of the bloodiest times in British history.

Buy ‘Autumn Fields’ now and remember.



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