A Future Festival Band

I was recently at the Solihull Summer Fest 2017. VIP. All access pass. Nothing but sunshine, good company and great music all day. Outstanding. There is nothing quite like roaming every part of a festival ground and seeing what's on offer. Yes there were the usual fairground rides, overpriced food and extortionate beer prices. That's part of the deal and no one complains. What I wanted to see was the backstage workings. How it all comes together, how bands are treated, as well as the live music. It got me thinking that Van Rockman would be ideal in this setting. As a live band there are few that can match their energy. Imagine what they could do on a festival stage. Playing a gig and playing a festival are more different than you know. Once your up on that outdoor stage it's an entirely different animal. There are no soundchecks. It's line checks all the way. Those in bands know that's not ideal. The acoustics may be perfect but lack of feedback doesn't help when you can't hear the vocals. The crowds are inevitably bigger. Many a band will make the classic mistake of not giving it their all when the crowd is small. Van Rockman doesn't fall into this category. They're one of the best live bands I've seen. To go from playing to a few to a few thousand seems like the logical next step. Van Rockman are a band that will take advantage of every opportunity. If we look at similar bands that have 'made it' before them, you'll notice they all played the festival circuit constantly. An upcoming end of year tour is a great start. A summer festival tour could make all the difference.

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