Time Flies

The other day was something special. I experienced first hand what goes into a Van Rockman rehearsal. It had often got me thinking as to how a Van Rockman rehearsal could go on for so long. I've said before that it's not uncommon for the boys to go on for hours on end. So it surprised when I filled in on drums for the day that two and a half hours felt like five minutes. I struggled to explain this to myself. I was checking the clock in the room and my phone to make sure that was right. It was, but how? We had rehearsed five songs. I was slightly nervous at first. First time rehearsal with any new band is always filled with a sense unrealistic expectation and doubt on your part. This is doubled when you actually know the people you're rehearsing with. Despite this everything had gone well. I had done my homework and my nervousness was soon replaced with enjoyment of the whole experience. So there you have it. It was that enjoyment that made the whole rehearsal fly by. There's nothing worse than playing songs you hate. That was not the case here. There's nothing worse than checking the clock every five minutes and begging the gods for it to be over. That was not the case here. These songs are everything a musician could ask for. A simplicity and fluidity that is chart worthy. I'm looking forward to what comes next.

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