Numbers New, Audience Primed

Van Rockman are going on tour. This is not new information. The tour has been advertised, promoted, blogged about and plugged for the better part of a month now. Dates are fixed, songs are set. Is it time for new material? The answer for every band is yes. Van Rockman are no different. The creativity does not stop. For song writers and creatives alike, there is no off switch. Ideas fill your head. If you don't put them down on paper they just swim around your until an inevitable bursting of the creative dam. So what new material could we expect from the Van Rockman boys? If we judge from the previous material it's going to be fierce rock n roll, blues guitar solos, thunderous drums, lifting keyboards and punchy vocals. Whatever combination the new material takes, it's going to be something which audiences are going to love. They say some of the best writing happens on tour. I'm curious what will be created when Van Rockman hit the road. I know it will be superior to what is out there now. Now you may think that a seemingly impossible task but you need to remember that while Van Rockman may have been going for a little while, they have never toured with their current line up. Each band member will bring their own style and ideas to the table, meaning more eclectic song writing. It could be a creative one-two punch from Van Rockman. A tour followed by studio time, followed by new releases, followed by music videos, followed by a tour... More like a one-two-three-four-five punch then.

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