The Cherry On Top

For the majority of Van Rockman rehearsals it's been a power trio setup. A simple symphony of bass/vocals, drums and guitar. It's worked well. The only trouble is it needed something a bit extra. There's only so much you can do with a three piece and Van Rockman's song writing is as such that a three piece wouldn't do the material any real justice. In an earlier blog I mentioned that the Van Rockman boys were trying out new guitarists. Whilst there was some success with that, it didn't really feel like it made the songs complete. For those that have listened to 'The Lost Tapes' (if you haven't, you should!) then you know that some songs give emphasis to keys rather than guitar. I've been in countless bands over the years. All sorts, genres, sizes and attitudes. You have the collaborators, the authoritarians. The simple and complex. The ones with guitar and the ones with keys. I can tell you now that the ones with keys are the ones you want to be in. Keys add more than most rhythm guitarists. Sometimes you need that soft variety to really lift a song. Other times you can't beat a cracking keyboard solo. This is what Van Rockman have wisely opted for. I'm glad to report that keys are definitely going to be an integral part of the band line-up on tour. It will change the dynamic from simple symphony to cacophony of excellence. On the album it really does add a lot. When I saw them live at the Roadhouse a little while back it was perfection. I knew then that this is what you should expect from now on.

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