P Is For Promotion

We're less than a week away from Van Rockman's Lost Tapes Tour! Whilst the intense rehearsals continue, more is being done. Now is the time to promote like no one has ever promoted before. So what multitude of ways can be utilized? The old fashioned way is effective but very time consuming. Leaflets and posters in the right places can attract many people to any show. I'm not talking about the door to door method. I mean placing them in music venues you're playing, bars, local shops close to to where the gig is. A solid strategy indeed. A strategy that can brought into the 21st Century. One thing you should never do is underestimate the power of social media. It can be a confusing place to some. Once you start to understand how to use it to your advantage then you can reach a nationwide audience. The hashtag is your friend. Hashtag everything that's relevant to your cause. Find out what's trending and slip it into those posts as well. If you want to go for paid marketing that's great. Make sure you're sensible with where you target and you can't fail. You can promote anything online from songs to gigs to music videos. Or you can promote what Van Rockman have recently done which is a live lounge. Soon it will be live for everyone to see. It's a great showcase of talent to view and I have no doubt it will get people down those gigs!

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