It Begins!

A short and sweet blog today! In a few hours Van Rockman will kick off their tour in Evesham. Final checks have been done; the van has been loaded and we're ready to proceed. It's an exciting in the Van Rockman camp. Three hours were set aside for Van Rockman's last rehearsal. Everything was felt complete in half that time. This band can't be more ready to take on the country. Touring is without a doubt one of the best experiences anyone can undertake. It has an air of adventure about it. Sure you could go on one those adventure holidays, go white water rafting, quad biking or rock climbing and abseiling. You can try and do anything to get your adrenaline going but nothing compares to traveling from town to town playing great music. Evesham, Blackpool, Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool, you best prepare! Van Rockman are on their way! Rest assured, I'll let you know how it goes.

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